The CPO of the Law Combustion Group visited the factory.

On January 9th, 2019, the time was snowing and the place was covered with silver. The chairman of CEEG, Lu Tingxiu, met with the CPO of the French Combustion Group and a group of 3 people. They warmly welcomed the arrival of their party

Lian Junshan, director of the office of CEEG, Fang Bo, general manager of Nanjing Solar Energy, and the new photovoltaic energy team attended the meeting and accompanied the factory.

After the fuel economy briefed on the organizational restructuring of its corporate headquarters and the global project orders in 2019, the two sides focused on the existing technologies, development prospects of the new technology of the component technology and the cooperation between the CLP and the US plant. Regarding the follow-up order cooperation, the new CPO of the French company said that they have been working as partners for CLP for many years and are very willing to continue to cooperate and work together in modules brands.

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