About us

China Sunergy (Nanjing) Co., ltd is a wholly-owned foreign-invested company established by China Electric (CEEG) Co., Ltd. The factory is located in Nanjing Science and Technology Park of Nanjing CEEG Electric. Jiangsu solar is a leading global manufacturer of high efficiency solar modules and is qualified to produce CSUN brand modules. Mainly engaged in the research, development, production, sales, construction and service of solar modules. High-efficiency mono crystal and poly crystal solar modules are used to produce a series of solar modules. The product has the advantages of high efficiency, high power, high reliability and long life. The company is based on scientific research and development, based on production technology, focusing on talents, and has a new energy import and export enterprise with solar module scale production capacity.

The company mainly develops and produces innovative and efficient products such as half cell modules, assembly modules, double-glass modules and tile modules.

The company has a fully automatic welding machine, cancels the manual welding operation, and integrates the whole workshop into a whole by means of assembly line. From the welding to the packaging process, the assembly line is used to guide the production. According to the rhythm of the assembly line, the production operation is carried out. The semi-automated production mode of man-machines has greatly reduced the labor costs of component factories. In order to ensure the accuracy of production data, the company will soon introduce MES electronic management information system, all production data advocates paperless operation, all use electronic data real-time management, can view the production status of the site at any time, and trace the production status of each component. The company upgrades all testing equipment in accordance with international standards and is fully equipped to ensure that every component received by the customer is a quality product. Thanks to such first-class technology and equipment at home and abroad, Jiangsu PV has a strong sales network in the United States, Germany, Spain, Italy, the Czech Republic and Southeast Asia and other countries and regions, with an average monthly shipment of 40MW. Providing quality products, excellent service, creating value for customers and creating renewable and clean energy for human society is the company’s manufacturing philosophy.

China Sunergy (Nanjing) Co., ltd has been upgraded from a manufacturing unit to an integrated service provider that provides system application solutions. System integration is a young and passionate team. Solar photovoltaic power generation systems can be divided into off-grid photovoltaic systems and grid-connected photovoltaic systems according to the operation mode. DIY integrated household grid-connected systems have on-the-spot and off-grid sharing. The advantages of light, easy installation, high efficiency, light weight, low price and safety have accelerated the pace of solar energy entering civilians. At present, off-grid photovoltaic systems are developing rapidly. Due to their good applicability, economy, mobility and ease of installation, off-grid photovoltaic systems are widely used in various fields. The company has formed a complete set of plans and manuals for off-grid systems above 20KW. As the main product of the ground-type high-voltage components – 1500V modules have been certified, I believe that the 1500V system can lead the development of the entire industry.

Recently, CLP Electric intends to cross-border the photovoltaic manufacturing process and IoT technology accumulated over the past 30 years, and launch a leading smart photovoltaic solution to jointly build a photovoltaic full intelligent ecosystem. Jiangsu Photovoltaic Co., Ltd. is committed to building a “digital” integrated smart PV, insisting on improving the power of components, improving yield, and improving process technology to help customers get the most value in the life cycle of the power station, allowing users to catch up with the trains at a fair price. To provide more and more reliable component products for the global market.

China Sunergy (Nanjing) Co., ltd invites customers and suppliers, distributors and partners to come to the park for on-the-spot investigation and cooperation. Look forward to your joining, create a win-win!